Cylinder - 3D Printed Support Shell For Silicone Mold

Regular price $15.00

This listing is for purchasing 3D printed support shells for silicone cylinder molds to aid in the casting process by stabilizing the mold shape throughout the pouring and curing stages. These support shells are available as an add on for our silicone molds at the time of purchase but if you've purchased a mold from us in the past without a shell and have since determined you require one this will allow you to purchase it as a standalone product.  

Support shells are available for all sizes of cylinder silicone molds. 

Simply select the size you require and add it to your cart.

Just a reminder, this listing is for purchasing 3D printed support shells only. A mold will not be included in purchase. 

The lead time for these shells is 1 week inclusive of processing, manufacturing, and packaging.