Dodecahedron Planter Mold - 3D Printed PLA - Sacred Geometry

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The Dodecahedron is a geometric shape found in sacred geometry. It is linked to the Ether/Universe and works through the higher Chakras from the 6th Third Eye and 7th Crown.


This 3D printed mold is perfect for the DIYer who enjoys making their own gifts or favors AND for the start-up looking for a cost efficient and reliable mold to get your business up and running!

The mold design has been optimized to keep the apparent seam line at a minimum. The wall thickness of our molds allows some flexibility when demolding yet retains its shape when your medium has been poured into it.

The following are dimensions of the CAST product this mold will yield:

Size Overall
Width (in) Height (in)
Small (SM) 2.25 1.75
Medium (MD) 3.25 2.63
Large (LG) 4.75 3.88
Extra Large (XL) 6.88 5.5


Purchase of this mold will include required clamps. 

** We DO NOT offer recommendations on how to pour and cast your desired medium. In purchasing these molds, the end user assumes all responsibility when doing so.

*** Mold colors may vary depending on availability.  If a specific color is needed, please contact us prior to purchase and we will do our best to satisfy those requests.

**** This mold DOES NOT create center hole shown in concrete.  This creates a solid casting.

***** The concrete piece and plant (if pictured) are not included in purchase.

****** The lead time for these molds is 1-2 weeks inclusive of processing, manufacturing, and packaging.